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Skin care

Item Formula Name Key Ingredients Features PDF
Gel Cream All-in-One NIKKOL SEFSOL-218 Soft gel cream with non-tacky, hydrating feel has multi-vitamin functions (Vitamin C & F derivatives). NIKKOL SEFSOL-218 helps to suppress the soaping upon application. Download (505KB)
Cleansing Cream Cleansing Cream NIKKOL SEFSOL-228 This cleansing cream has high cleansing ability. NIKKOL SEFSOL-228 has high affinity to make-up oils and dirt, which can be wiped off or rinsed off with water after massaging. Download (506KB)
Cream Luxury Lift Cream UP-611 Soft yet dense cream that glides easily, melts and penetrates well into the skin. Careful selection of oils provides a cascading sensation from light to rich texture allowing a light massage. Hemispherical-shaped powder (UP-611) adheres to skin to signal the “stop” of the massage. Download (272KB)
Facial Foam Facial Cleansing Foam NIKKOL CMT-30 This cleansing foam combined with NIKKOL CMT-30 is excellent in sebum cleaning, providing supreme effervescence, fine and soft foam. Mild and refreshing finish. Download (500KB)
Serum Summer Oil-free Moisture Mousse MARJORAM EXTRACT BG This light mousse improves skin affinity and enhances skin penetration. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory MARJORAM EXTRACT BG improves barrier function. Download (494KB)
Lotion Regenerating Toner Moist α MARJORAM EXTRACT BG High moisture by using NIKKOL PUREPHOS α. MARJORAM EXTRACT BG promotes the production of hyaluronic acid. This formula also have effects of anti-inflammation and barrier function. Download (508KB)
Pack Watery Sleeping Mask MARJORAM EXTRACT BG Long time repair. MARJORAM EXTRACT BG helps promote hyaluronic acid synthesis. Download (506KB)
Cleansing Balm CW Cleansing Balm NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW Good cleasning ability and rinses off well. NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW can formulate not only balm, but also liquid and other formulations. Download (499KB)
Cleansing Milk NIKKOMIX CW Cleansing Milk NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW Not only has excellent rinsability, but also functions as an emulsifier that can incorporate a large amount of oil. Light texture. Download (509KB)
Cleansing Liquid Cleansing Liquid NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW Bi-continuous structure. Great functionality of clearing makeup and clogged pores. Download (495KB)
Gel Cream Watery Matte Cream ARON NT-Z Cream with watery texture. Combined with ARON NT-Z to hold moisture. The moisturizing ingredients pop on the skin with freshness, giving it a smooth and silky finish.
Soft focus effect for a silkly smooth skin.
Download (261KB)
Serum “Glow me up” Serum ARON NT-Z This cushiony hydrogel quenches dry and dull skin with a silky texture that is instantly absorbed.
‘Emulsified’ glossy oils leave a sheen on the skin to reflect visible light. Formulated without silicones and PEGs.
Download (260KB)
Serum Men’s Barrier Serum NIKKOL LECINOL S-10 Fluid emulsion with good emollient feeling.
Increases strength of cell membrane and improves skin barrier.
Download (565KB)
Massage Cream Brightening Massage Pack JAPANESE ANGELICA ROOT EXTRACT BG-J This high-oil gel formula breaks during massage to remove dirt or make-up & soften the skin surface.
Brighten your skin with cleansing & massaging, even melanin dispersion by JAPANESE ANGELICA ROOT EXTRACT BG-J.
Download (264KB)
Toner Perfect Repair Lotion Concentrate NIKKOL SG-G2424 A fast-absorbing anti-aging lotion for nourishing your skin.
Download (271KB)
Milk Age-Defy Nourishing Milk NIKKOL SG-G2424 High oil loading (>30%) with fluidity from NIKKOL Purephos Alpha.
NIKKOL SG-G2424 boosts the moisturizing effect of glycerin & skin affinity.
Download (511KB)
Massage Cream Brightening Massage Pack BOTANICAL EXTRACT COMPLEX B This high-oil gel formula breaks during massage to remove dirt or makeup & soften the skin surface. Download (264KB)
Serum “Glow me up” Serum BOTANICAL EXTRACT COMPLEX B This cushiony hydrogel quenches dry & dull skin with a silky texture that is instantly absorbed. Contains 5 TCM-inspired brightening botanicals (BOTANICAL EXTRACT COMPLEX B) to control pigmentation issues. Download (260KB)
Toner Alpha Mask Lotion HV45-PM20 Fluid alpha-gel type emulsion that leaves a thin waxy film for that “sealed-in” effect.
Leaves a soft healthy glow on skin.
Download (264KB)
Serum Self Purify Fluid D-400 Fresh and smooth feeling.
Anti-aging effect of Zinc Glycinate.
Download (506KB)
Gel Cream Moist Gel Cream NIKKOL
A richly textured gel cream that allows you to do a facial massage within your regimen. Massage can stimulate blood circulation, firm up the deeper skin layers while encouraging relaxation. Download (505KB)
Essence Moisture Essence NIKKOL
It feels fresh and blends quickly into the skin.
Leaves skin firm and smooth.
Download (506KB)
Lotion Lotion Extra Riche Silver Vine Extract BG30 Nano-emulsion type toner with premium bluish-white appearance. Leaves an oil veil for a “mask-in” effect. Download (564KB)
Eye Cream Kuma Cream NIKKOL Nikkolipid 81S Rich eye cream uses NIKKOL Nikkolipid 81S & NIKKOL VC-IP to reduce inflammation and brighten the skin around the eyes. Download (509KB)
Cream Radiance Creator Cream NIKKOL Nikkolipid 81S Soft cream is very compatible with the skin and leads to smooth, moisturized and glossy skin. Download (507KB)
Lotion Pure Gel Lotion NIKKOL PUREPHOS α (alpha) Lotion with a moisturizing effect that lasts 24 hours because of the moisturizing film of NIKKOL PUREPHOS α. Download (510KB)
Gel Cream VC-IP 30%
Gel Cream
NIKKOL VC-IP Highly effective gel cream with high level of Vitamin C derivative(NIKKOL VC-IP). Download (129KB)
Milky Lotion Anti-aging
Milky Lotion
NIKKOL VC-IP Low viscosity milk lotion with high level of Vitamin C derivative(NIKKOL VC-IP). Download (128KB)
Stick Spot Correcting Stick (50% VC-IP) NIKKOL VC-IP Stick formulation for spot care with high level of Vitamin C derivative(NIKKOL VC-IP). Download (126KB)
Gel Cream VC Rich Aqua Gel NIKKOL
W/O type gel cream with very light feel when applied to skin. Download (124KB)
Cream Moisture Cream NIKKOL
Lamellar liquid crystal cream with strong moisture retention by NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE LC. Download (127KB)
Essence Pore-Minimizing Super Moist Essence NIKKOL
Lamellar liquid crystal cream with strong moisture retention ability and featuring pore care ingredients. Download (182KB)
Sunscreen Water Repellent O/W Sunscreen NIKKOL
Simple O/W type sunscreen with water-resistance by NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE 41. Download (129KB)
Toner Bluish Nano Emulsion Toner NIKKOL VA-LINO Bluish nano emulsion toner for skin moisture, with a stable vitamin A – linoleic acid derivative with anti-aging effect. Download (501KB)
Hand Cream Overnight Hand Balm NIKKOL VA-LINO Rich balm-like emulsion leaves a soothing matte veil for intense moisture on hands. Anti-wrinkle effect by NIKKOL VA-LINO. Download (799KB)
Cleansing Balm Triple Transform Balm SHISO EXTRACT POWDER CS Smooth cleansing balm. When applied, the balm transforms into oil, and when rinsed off with water, it transforms into an emulsion to thoroughly remove dirt. Download (505KB)
Peeling Milk Daily Retexture Milk SHISO EXTRACT POWDER CS Wipe-off peeling milk with AHAs. It improves skin condition and leads to brighter skin while inhibiting irritation with perilla extract. Download (509KB)
Cream Cleansing Cream NIKKOL SUGARSQUALANE® Gel-like cleansing cream with good spreadability and high cleansing ability. Download (507KB)
Gel Cream Cool Down Natsu Gel Cream UJI TEA
W/O gel cream with splash water-burst feeling that delivers a serious dose of hydration and anti-oxidation without the stickiness. Silicone & PEG-free. Download (458KB)
Sunscreen Herbal UV Sunscreen UJI TEA
O/W mineral sunscreen with high water-resistance. UJI TEA EXTRACT(B)-BG boosts SPF by suppressing the second phase oxidation. Download (520KB)
Toner Premium Water Lotion UJI TEA
Hydrating toner for dry skin provides a high moisture feeling, anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties by UJI TEA EXTRACT(B)-BG. Download (459KB)
Gel Cream Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE Gel cream for sensitive skin with strong anti-inflammatory properties by DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE. Download (462KB)


Item Formula Name Key Ingredients Features PDF
W/O Foundation 50% Water Element Foundation FDP series This ultra-hydrating foundation contains 50% of watery elements (water & humectants), wraps skin pleasantly and exhibits both make-up and skin care functions. FDP series enable easy dispersion of pigments, control the coverage and create multiple shades very easily. Download (513KB)
Balm Foundation WO Emulsion Compact FDP series The unique solid balm foundation transforms into a velvety powder texture upon application with a hydrating sensation. FDP series enable easy dispersion of pigments, control the coverage and create multiple shades very easily. Download (265KB)
Primer Water-Popping Primer FDP series Very unique, super high inner phase of W/Si primer. Water-dropping texture upon application fills your skin moisture and improves the skin texture with slily sensation. FDP series enable easy dispersion of pigments, control the coverage and create multiple shades very easily. Download (502KB)
Lip Color Whipped Matte Lip Cream UP-611 This formula gives excellent smooth sensation with matte finish. UP-611, which is a unique hemispherical-shaped powder, gives superior skin adhesiveness and enhances color intensity. Download (264KB)
Gel Cheek Aqua Touch Cheek Gel ARON NT-Z New texture! This watery formula çombined with water-absorbent powder, silky but richly moist. Creamy and matte finish.
Soft focus effect that covers wrinkles and pores effectively.
Download (271KB)
Gel Eyeliner Gel Eyeliner NIKKOL LECINOL S-10 Oil-based gel eyeliner. Easy to apply and dries quickly.
Highly pigmented and long-wearing.
Download (504KB)
Liquid Foundation “KOI” Oil Infusion Color Drop JAPANESE ANGELICA ROOT EXTRACT BG-J One third of this richly textured foundation is a blend of plant seed oils to comfort and treat dry or troubled skin.
The formula mimics the skin’s intercellular lipid arrangement providing a “second skin” protection against pollution.
Hybrid formula of skin care and make up effect includes age spot improvement and hydration.
Download (509KB)
Liquid Foundation Pure Crystal Foundation NIKKOL SG-G2424 Fluid but high moisturising serum foundation. A blend of plant seed oils and NIKKOL G2424 comforts and treats dry or troubled skin. Download (505KB)
Primer Rose Reviving Skin Tone Primer HV45-PM20 This rose-pink primer provides all-day hydration while keeping your makeup fresh till evening. Soft PMMA powder provides an even canvas while pearlescent mica helps give that healthy ‘lit-from-within’. Download (509KB)
Cream Foundation Silky Long Wear Cream Foundation HV45-PM20 This Silicone-based W/O formula leaves a smooth finish with SPF function and prevents your makeup from smudging. Download (509KB)
Foundation Water-Popping Foundation D-400 A foundation with unique texture that feels like water bursting out of the skin. Silky finish. Download (514KB)
Foundation Gel Foundation NIKKOL
A gel foundation with a plump texture. It gives a fresh and watery finish. Download (504KB)
Foundation Flawless Skin Foundation Silver Vine Extract BG30 This light-feel foundation combines full SPF protection & concealing effect for that flawless finish ideal when you are just working at home or running daily errands. Contains a potent blend of zinc complex + botanical extracts to fight multiple forms of skin stress. Download (508KB)
Highlighter Glow Moisture Stick Silver Vine Extract BG30 30% water in moisturising highlighting stick that imparts subtle radiance to the face. Light diffusion by D-400. Download (505KB)
Liquid Foundation Liquid Foundation NIKKOL Nikkolipid 81S A cream foundation with skincare effects (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle). The finish is glossy and healthy looking. Download (517KB)
Liquid Foundation Touch of
nature Foundation
NIKKOL PUREPHOS α (alpha) Fresh and light serum foundation with long-lasting moisturizing and glowing effects. Download (567KB)
Lip Gloss Glossy Melt Oil Tint NIKKOL PUREPHOS α (alpha) Lip gloss based on NIKKOL PUREPHOS α’s oil gel technology. It provides an even coating and a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Download (501KB)
Aqua Veil
Foundation with high water content emulsified by NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE WO. Download (123KB)
Moisture Liquid Foundation NIKKOL
W/O type foundation with strong adhesion to skin. Download (142KB)
BB Cream Watery Clear BB NIKKOL
O/W type BB cream with strong adhesion and water-resistant UV absorbers. Download (133KB)
Liquid Foundation Clean Beauty Liquid Foundation NIKKOL SUGARSQUALANE® W/O liquid foundation made with naturally-derived ingredients. Creates a natural finish with light and smooth feeling. Download (506KB)
Cream Foundation LC Serum Foundation DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE O/W cream foundation with skin care benefits – long lasting moisture retention and anti-inflammatory properties. Download (455KB)

Hair care

Item Formula Name Key Ingredients Features PDF
Shampoo Non-Silicone Shampoo NIKKOL CMT-30 This amino acid shampoo has mild and superior cleansing ability. NIKKOL CMT-30 is widely applied in various shampoos as base ingredient. Download (503KB)
Hair Oil Hair Cuticle
Repair Oil
NIKKOL SUGARSQUALANE® Hair treatment oil with NIKKOL VC-IP which repairs hair cuticle and develops a natural luster on hair. Download (493KB)
Shampoo Scalp Shampoo DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE Amino acid based mild shampoo with a good foaming ability, scalp cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Download (459KB)

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Body care

Item Formula Name Key Ingredients Features PDF
Out Bath Treatment Share Happy Cream NIKKOL SEFSOL-228 This rich skin cream with high concentration of ceramide intensively moisturizes, nourishes and protects skin from that rough and dry feel. NIKKOL SEFSOL-228 helps to stably formulate ceramides that hardly dissolve due to its high crystallization property. Download (265KB)
Hand Soap Gel Hand Soap NIKKOL CMT-30 This mild hand soap brings moisture to parched skin, improves chapped hands. Download (501KB)
Body Cream Moisture Body Treatment NIKKOL LECINOL S-10 Body moisturizer for dry skin made with naturally-derived ingredients.
Delivers intense nourishment to the skin.
Download (258KB)
Hand Soap Gel Hand Soap SHISO EXTRACT POWDER CS Hand soap with mild cleaning ingredients. Perilla extract prevents skin irritation during hand washing. Download (500KB)

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Item Formula Name Key Ingredients Features PDF
O/W Sunscreen Lotion Body Sunscreen Lotion UP-611 This fluid body sunscreen lotion has a soft, watery texture that glides smoothly on the skin. Hemispherical-shaped powder (UP-611) adheres to skin and suppresses the tackiness of the UV filters and boosts SPF values. Download (499KB)
Sunscreen Cream Luxury Sun Protector JAPANESE ANGELICA ROOT EXTRACT BG-J Luxury feel O/W sunscreen with high water resistance and long lasting hydration. (SPF 50+, in vivo, n=5)
Camouflage effects of age spots via the mechanism of melanosome degradation.
Download (512KB)
Gel Sunscreen Brightening Aqua-Gel Sunscreen BOTANICAL EXTRACT COMPLEX B This gel-type formula spreads easily into the skin to provide even protection and a hydrated feel during application.
Contains 6 botanical actives for 360-degree pigmentation cycle control.
Download (272KB)
Sunscreen Milk WO Sunscreen Milk D-400 Shake well-type sunscreen milk.
WO formula with high water repellency.
Silicone free, PEG free
Download (503KB)

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