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Premix for Flexible Cleansing Liquid Bi-continuous SystemNIKKOL
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Formulating Bi-continuous Cleansing Liquid

NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW is a liquid nonionic surfactant mixture for high-performance cleansing formulas containing large amounts of water with non-sticky and refresh feeling.

By just mixing NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW without heating, you can easily prepare bi-continuous cleansing liquid with high cleansing ability even against water-proof mascara.

  • Water-proof mascara and makeup is easily removed
  • Make bi-continuous cleansing items easily by just weighing and mixing
  • Low energy and cold process
  • Flexible for various oils

Superior Cleansing Ability

NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW has thorough cleansing ability compared with facial foam or micellar waters.

NIKKOMIX CW 20% formulation.

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