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Natural Skin "Translucency" Enhancer​SILVER VINE EXTRACT BG30Contact Form

  • INCI Name:Actinidia Polygama Fruit Extract, Butylene Glycol, Water​

Natural Skin "Translucency" Enhancer ​

One of the main markers of youthful skin is glowing radiant skin from ‘within’. Skin radiance is significantly correlated to stratum corneum (SC) health. A healthy SC is able to scatter light inside and reflect it back out for a diffused glow. ​​

But with age, skin loses its glow and becomes dull or yellowish. This is due to cumulative skin damage caused by sun exposure, pollution & other sources of oxidative stress and the weakening of SC quality (irregular lamellar structure, presence of carbonylated proteins, etc.).

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Silver Vine is native to East Asia. The fruit has been utilized for herbal medicine as a tonic. SILVER VINE EXTRACT BG30 is an ideal material to enhance the skin translucency.

  • Improving skin translucency
  • Prevention carbonyl formation induced by pollution & blue light exposure
  • Moisturizing & anti-oxidation effect
  • Preventing skin turn over delay

Improving Skin Luminosity and Texture​

0.1% Silver Vine Extract improved skin luminosity and texture in 28 days.

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Average reduction of carbonylated proteins on 14 volunteers was around 23%.

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