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Solubilizers for Poorly Soluble SubstancesNIKKOL SEFSOL-218 & NIKKOL SEFSOL-228Contact Form

  • Product Name:NIKKOL SEFSOL-218 & NIKKOL SEFSOL-228
  • INCI Name:Propylene Glycol Caprylate (NIKKOL SEFSOL-218)
    Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate (NIKKOL SEFSOL-228)

Solubilizers for Poorly Soluble Substances

NIKKOL SEFSOL series are polyol fatty acid esters developed as solvents for poorly soluble substances. They show superior solubilizing properties compared to most oils and esters. The results (maximum solubility) are shown in the chart below.

Active ingredients were heated and dissolved in NIKKOL SEFSOL series
at different ratio and stored for 3 days at 25℃.

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