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Multifunctional Lysolecithin that Repairs Skin Barrier in Six WaysNIKKOL
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  • Product Name:NIKKOL LECINOL® MFL
  • INCI Name:Lysolecithin

Multifunctional Lysolecithin For Skin Barrier Function Reinforcement

NIKKOL LECINOL® MFL is multifunctional lysolecithin containing 18%~20 of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) as active component. Its natural Origin Index is 0.99 (ISO 16128). It is produced from lecithin modified by whole cell enzymatic process.

NIKKOL LECINOL® MFL helps reinforce skin barrier function in 6 ways.

  1. Promote shrinking of enlarged pores
  2. Restore skin barrier
  3. Pollution protection
  4. Build skin resilience
  5. Improve skin redness
  6. Fix dry skin

Visualization on How NIKKOL LECINOL® MFL Repairs Damaged Skin Barrier

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