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Stable Double Functional Retinol Derivative with Anti-aging and Brightening EffectsNIKKOL VA-LINO® 10Contact Form

  • Product Name:NIKKOL VA-LINO® 10
  • INCI Name:Squalane, Retinyl Linoleate

Double Functional Retinol Derivative

NIKKOL VA-LINO® 10 is made from esterified retinol, which has an anti-wrinkle effect, and linoleic acid, which has a brightening effect. NIKKOL VA-LINO® 10 improves the stability of retinol. It has a wide range of applications as an anti-aging material.

  • Less color formulation than pure retinol
  • Enhance collagen synthesis in dermis and retinol
  • Enhance hyaluronic acid synthesis in epidermis
  • Suppress melanin production

Improvement of Nasolabial Folds

NIKKOL VA-LINO® 10 significantly decreased laugh line size and depth in 8 weeks.

Enhance Collagen Synthesis

NIKKOL VA-LINO® 10 enhances collagen synthesis in dermis as well as retinol.

Improve Skin Brightness

NIKKOL VA-LINO® 10 significantly improved skin brightness by 0.3 units in 8 weeks compared with placebo.

Volunteer number: 12
0.3 units is the average result of 20 volunteers

Effect of Skin Turnover

NIKKOL VA-LINO® 10 showed significant fading of pigmentation area compared with placebo.

Volunteer: 20
4.3 units increased in L-value after 1 week

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