Our Strengths

Learn why top cosmetics brands base 
their products on our ingredients.

1Industry Leadership

As a manufacturer and trading company for cosmetic ingredients and surfactants, we are eager to provide the best resources, solutions, and serve your business as a trusted partner for the long-term.

  • • Superior Products: Ingredients that take your brand to the next level
  • • Total Support: 
    Customizing ingredients according to your requirements
    Assisting with formulation development
    Conducting evaluations of safety and efficacy
  • • CSR: Deeply committed to sustainability in every part of our global operations.

2Commitment to Quality

NIKKOL GROUP provides a complete solution from cosmetics planning and proposals to material and formulation development, safety and effectiveness testing, and productization.

Every aspect of our operations has been architected to ensure unmatched quality and constant innovation.

For over 70 years in the chemical raw material industry, Nikko Chemicals has been committed to meticulous craftsmanship, responsible manufacturing, high-tech innovation and ingenuity, and reliable, harmonious customer service.

Our quality standards range from product purity to presentation. We strive to supply chemical ingredients that unfailingly meet physical and chemical specification requirements, such as assay, odor, and color. We deliver our products in clean packaging in the most prompt, time- and energy-efficient manner possible.

Safety and efficacy are our top priorities. We thoroughly test all of our ingredients for human safety and functional efficacy, and we advocate clear communication and transparency in all aspects of product development and promotion.

3Group Companies

NIKKOL GROUP is a major chemical holding company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Our group companies provide a complete range of goods and services, from the research, development, and manufacture of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and industrial chemical ingredients to performance evaluation and application design.

Our group’s R&D activities cover the full lifecycle of ingredients for cosmetics products including raw materials, testing, analysis, manufacturing, and logistics. While we are known for our industry leadership in Japan, we also have a significant presence in Singapore and Shanghai. We have established a new office in India to further strengthen our position in Asia. Our new office is designed to further support the local cosmetic industry, providing cutting-edge technology and innovation to grow together with the Indian personal care market.

Nikoderm Research performs inspection of raw material components and has earned a reputation for quality in Japan and beyond.


Japanese Entities

Sales & Marketing
Research & Development

Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Sales and marketing, development and synthesis of ingredients for cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries.

Manufacturing of Raw Materials

Nippon Surfactant Industries Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials, inducing vitamin derivatives, nonionic surfactants, blends, and premixes.

Contract Testing & Consulting Services

Nikoderm Research Inc.

Safety and efficacy evaluations of cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as finished products.

Contract Manufacturing of Nail Care Products

Bergerac Japon Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of nail care products exclusively for the Japanese market under the license of Chroma Durlin (France).

Overseas Entities

Sales & Distribution

Nikko Chemicals Shanghai Corporation

Sales and marketing of cosmetic ingredients as well as business development in China.

Manufacturing of Surfactants

Nikko Chemicals (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Manufacture of surfactants for cosmetic and industrial applications.

Sales & Distribution

Nikko Chemicals (INDIA) Pte. Ltd.

Sales and marketing of ingredients for cosmetics, foods and pharmaceuticals in India.

4R&D Capabilities

We are deeply involved in the development and creation of new products with our customers. Our state-of-the-art Open Research Laboratory, located in Tokyo, is available for R&D specialists to learn emulsification, dispersion, and solubilization technology, as well as basic cosmetic technology ranging from skincare to make up.

Our facility is equipped with the most up-to-date instruments necessary for the synthesis and analysis of new compounds. The research staff builds upon its rich collective experience in various fields of skin science and colloid chemicals to provide assistance in the chemical analysis as well as the stability, safety, and efficacy evaluation of newly developed substances.

Local Distributor: You can also get formulation development support from local distributor in India. Their experts will work with NIKKOL GROUP to personally assist clients with all aspects of formulation development.

Comprehensive Support for Your Cosmetics R&D


  • • Technical consultation
  • • Open laboratory
  • • Regular lectures


  • • Complete facilities
  • • Joint research
  • • Safety testing


  • • Production
  • • Latest equipment
  • • Contracted manufacturing


  • • Market research
  • • Package production
  • • Market development