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Moisturizer & Penetration Enhancing Glycerin DerivativeNIKKOL SG-G2424Contact Form

  • Product Name:NIKKOL SG-G2424
  • INCI Name:PPG-24-Glycereth-24

Functional Glycerin Derivative

NIKKOL SG-G2424 is a functional glycerin derivative made by polymerizing ethylene oxide and propylene oxide with glycerin. It enhances the affinity with skin by decreasing surface tension of glycerin water and boosts moisturizing effect of glycerin. Moreover, it penetrates deeper in the skin compared to glycerin.

NIKKOL SG-G2424 is ideal for skin moisturizer, and perfect for sheet masks or osmotic serums.

  • Excellent affinity with the skin
  • Increases skin penetration
  • Boosts moisturizing effect of glycerin

Skin Affinity

NIKKOL SG-G2424 spreads on the skin faster than glycerin and has excellent affinity with the skin.

Skin Affinity: SG-G2424 > Glycerin.

Skin Penetration

NIKKOL SG-G2424 penetrates deeper into the skin model than glycerin.

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