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Light Scattering Rose-Shaped Calcium Carbonate PowderLDR-CAContact Form

  • Product Name:LDR-CA
  • INCI Name:Calcium Carbonate

What is LDR-CA?

LDR CA is fine calcium carbonate powder in a rose-like shape. Owing to its beautiful layered shape, LDR CA provides light scattering effects and improved oil trapping compared with conventional calcium carbonate powders.

Glare Prevention Effect

Layered flower petal shape provides diffuse reflection, which lessens unpleasant shiny look.
(Efficacy data is below)

Suppress Serum Spreadablity

LDR CA traps sebum in the interspaces between layers because of its shape.

Powder blend (LDR CA: Talc = 1:1) and Ethanol are mixed at the ratio of 1:2.
The mixtures are drawn down by bar coater onto glass plates and thin films are made.
After the films dried, 40 μml of Isostearic acid was applied and the spread were measured.

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