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A New Type of Water Absorbent Powder with a Smooth, Matte and Pleasant TextureARON NT-ZContact Form

  • Product Name:ARON NT-Z
  • INCI Name:Sodium Acrylates Crosspolymer-2

Water Absorbent Powder That Gives Products A New Texture

ARON NT-Z is a water-absorbent spherical powder, swelling particles and holding about 24 times as much water, providing superb moisturizing property on skin.

This product provides a very unique texture, transforming from watery to powdery during the application. ARON NT-Z is compatible with a wide range of formulations such as gel, sherbet-like cream, foundation and base items.

  • Effectively covers fine lines, pores, and other skin concerns
  • Provides superb moisturization properties
  • Provides a fresh but matte feeling to a product

Reduce Wrinkles visibility Efficacy

ARON NT-Z works efficiently on wrinkle visibility reduction.

ARON NT-Z 6% essence serum was applied on Asian male in forties.

Soft-Focus Effect

ARON NT-Z provides blurring effect when applied on skin.

ARON NT-Z 5% gel.

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