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Emulsifier which Forms Stable α-gel and Providing Novel Formulation TexturesNIKKOL
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  • Product Name:NIKKOL PUREPHOS® α
  • INCI Name:Cetyl Phosphate

Stable α-gel Forming Agent with High Functionality & Unique Texture

α-gel is a distinctive structure that has a regular arrangement like a liquid crystal structure, but the feel of a solid. Since an α-gel structure internally retains large quantities of water, it has a high inhibitory effect on water evaporation and high moisturizing properties. However, it has been difficult to form stable α-gels using surfactants alone.

NIKKOL PUREPHOS® α is a highly purified straight-chain monoalkyl phosphate. It forms a separate, stable α-gel simply by neutralizing with L-arginine. Also, the α-gel formed using NIKKOL PUREPHOS® α can give products a unique “light, non-sticky texture even when combined with oleaginous ingredients” in contrast to existing products that have a liquid crystal structure. This α-gel enables the development of innovative products possessing superior moisturizing properties and also a light feel.

  • Easy to emulsify various cosmetic oils regardless of their type or polarity
  • Inhibitory effect on water evaporation
  • High and long-lasting moisture retention
  • Improve epidermal dry wrinkles and skin texture
  • Air pollution barrier effect

High & Long-lasting Moisturizing Effect

NIKKOL PUREPHOS® α creates α-gel structures at low viscosity with long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Apply lotion with NIKKOL PUREPHOS® α to plums.

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