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Formula Name Key Ingredients Features PDF
“Kokochi” Pink Vita-Tonic NIKKOL VC-IPVS This lotion delivers beauty actives (vitamin derivatives) deep into skin as nanoemulsion technology, providing smooth and watery feel. Download(256 KB)
Alpha Mask Lotion HV45-PM20 Fluid alpha-gel type emulsion that leaves a thin waxy film for that “sealed-in” effect.
Leaves a soft healthy glow on skin.
Download(258 KB)
Anti-Aging Lotion NIKKOL NIKKOSOME® VITAMIN ABCE This lotion mixes 4 vitamins or vitamin derivatives to achieve moisturizing and anti-aging multi-functions. Download(302 KB)
Anti-aging Milky Lotion NIKKOL VC-IPVS Low viscosity milk lotion with high level of Vitamin C derivative(NIKKOL VC-IPVS). Download(251 KB)
Bluish Nano Emulsion Toner NIKKOL VA-LINO® 10 Bluish nano emulsion toner for skin moisture, with a stable vitamin A – linoleic acid derivative with anti-aging effect. Download(489 KB)
Lotion Extra Riche SILVER VINE EXTRACT BG30 Nano-emulsion type toner with premium bluish-white appearance. Leaves an oil veil for a “mask-in” effect. Download(551 KB)
Perfect Repair Lotion Concentrate NIKKOL SG-G2424 A fast-absorbing anti-aging lotion for nourishing your skin.
Download(265 KB)
Premium Water Lotion UJI TEA EXTRACT(B)-BG Hydrating toner for dry skin provides a high moisture feeling, anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties by UJI TEA EXTRACT(B)-BG. Download(448 KB)

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