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Balancing Flora Serum NIKKOL NIKKOSOME® VITAMIN ABCE This lotion has gentle moisturizing power with watery texture. Tone the skin from vitamins. Download(266 KB)
Men’s Barrier Serum NIKKOL LECINOL S-10 Fluid emulsion with good emollient feeling.
Increases strength of cell membrane and improves skin barrier.
Download(552 KB)
Moisture Essence NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE LH It feels fresh and blends quickly into the skin.
Leaves skin firm and smooth.
Download(494 KB)
Pore-Minimizing Super Moist Essence NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE LC Lamellar liquid crystal cream with strong moisture retention ability and featuring pore care ingredients. Download(178 KB)
Self Purify Fluid D-400 Fresh and smooth feeling.
Anti-aging effect of Zinc Glycinate.
Download(494 KB)
Summer Oil-free Moisture Mousse MARJORAM EXTRACT BG This light mousse improves skin affinity and enhances skin penetration. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory MARJORAM EXTRACT BG improves barrier function. Download(482 KB)
VC-20 Age Spot Corrector NIKKOL VC-IPVS This milky essence packed with 20% oil-soluble Vitamin C resolves age-related pigmentation issues. Adsorbs quickly into skin while leaving good emollient feeling. Fluid and fresh. Download(264 KB)
“Glow me up” Serum ARON NT-Z & BOTANICAL EXTRACT COMPLEX B This cushiony hydrogel quenches dry and dull skin with a silky texture that is instantly absorbed.
‘Emulsified’ glossy oils leave a sheen on the skin to reflect visible light. Formulated without silicones and PEGs.
Download(254 KB)

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