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All-in-One NIKKOL SEFSOL-218 Soft gel cream with non-tacky, hydrating feel has multi-vitamin functions (Vitamin C & F derivatives). NIKKOL SEFSOL-218 helps to suppress the soaping upon application. Download(493 KB)
Cool Down Natsu Gel Cream UJI TEA EXTRACT(B)-BG W/O gel cream with splash water-burst feeling that delivers a serious dose of hydration and anti-oxidation without the stickiness. Silicone & PEG-free. Download(447 KB)
Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE Gel cream for sensitive skin with strong anti-inflammatory properties by DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE. Download(452 KB)
Kuma Cream NIKKOL NIKKOLIPID 81S Rich eye cream uses NIKKOL Nikkolipid 81S & NIKKOL VC-IP to reduce inflammation and brighten the skin around the eyes. Download(497 KB)
Luxury Lift Cream UP-611 Soft yet dense cream that glides easily, melts and penetrates well into the skin. Careful selection of oils provides a cascading sensation from light to rich texture allowing a light massage. Hemispherical-shaped powder (UP-611) adheres to skin to signal the “stop” of the massage. Download(266 KB)
Moist Gel Cream NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE LH A richly textured gel cream that allows you to do a facial massage within your regimen. Massage can stimulate blood circulation, firm up the deeper skin layers while encouraging relaxation. Download(493 KB)
Moisture Cream NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE LC Lamellar liquid crystal cream with strong moisture retention by NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE LC. Download(124 KB)
Moisture Cream LOQUAT LEAF EXTRACT CA This cream has light texture but moistens the skin gently.
Promoting effect of barrier function is expected as ceramide and lysolecithin added.
Download(261 KB)

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