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Brightening Cleansing Oil NIKKOL TGI-20 Gently and thoroughly removes makeup and cleanses the skin.
It starts off as an oil then transforms into a milky emulsion when rinsing with water.
Download(491 KB)
Brightening Cleansing Oil NIKKOL TGI-20 Bicontinuous type cleansing oil with 24% cleansing esters & 30% water.
Its cleansing ability won't loose with wet hands or under shower conditions.
Download(485 KB)
Cleansing Cream NIKKOL SEFSOL-228 This cleansing cream has high cleansing ability. NIKKOL SEFSOL-228 has high affinity to make-up oils and dirt, which can be wiped off or rinsed off with water after massaging. Download(494 KB)
Cleansing Liquid NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW Bi-continuous structure. Great functionality of clearing makeup and clogged pores. Download(483 KB)
CW Cleansing Balm NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW Good cleasning ability and rinses off well. NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW can formulate not only balm, but also liquid and other formulations. Download(488 KB)
Facial Cleansing Foam NIKKOL CMT-30 This cleansing foam combined with NIKKOL CMT-30 is excellent in sebum cleaning, providing supreme effervescence, fine and soft foam. Mild and refreshing finish. Download(488 KB)
Melting Cleansing Balm NIKKOL TGI-20 This formula melts into the skin and removes dirt and makeup firmly.
It can be rinsed off by water with a refreshing feel.
There's no need for double wash.
Download(255 KB)
NIKKOMIX CW Cleansing Milk NIKKOL NIKKOMIX CW Not only has excellent rinsability, but also functions as an emulsifier that can incorporate a large amount of oil. Light texture. Download(497 KB)

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