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Formula Name Key Ingredients Features PDF
Color Comet Transforming Gel NIKKOL NIKKOSOME® VITAMIN ABCE Foundation primer with watery texture, pearly gold as HV-GOLD added. Download(267 KB)
Rose Reviving Skin Tone Primer HV45-PM20 & BOTANICAL EXTRACT COMPLEX B This rose-pink primer provides all-day hydration while keeping your makeup fresh till evening. Soft PMMA powder provides an even canvas while pearlescent mica helps give that healthy ‘lit-from-within’. Download(497 KB)
Time Designing Base LDR-CA This pink foundation with very light texture is D5 free. Soft focus and sebum absorbing effect by LDR-CA. Nature luster and clear finish. Download(263 KB)
Water-Popping Primer FDP Series Very unique, super high inner phase of W/Si primer. Water-dropping texture upon application fills your skin moisture and improves the skin texture with slily sensation. FDP series enable easy dispersion of pigments, control the coverage and create multiple shades very easily. Download(490 KB)

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