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Formula Name Key Ingredients Features PDF
50% Water Element Foundation FDP Series This ultra-hydrating foundation contains 50% of watery elements (water & humectants), wraps skin pleasantly and exhibits both make-up and skin care functions. FDP series enable easy dispersion of pigments, control the coverage and create multiple shades very easily. Download(501 KB)
Anti-aging Illumination Foundation LEMON BALM EXTRACT RA This foundation deals with deep wrinkles.
Skincare-infused makeup that intensely hydrates the skin all day. Healthy glow look with featherweight texture.
Download(521 KB)
Aqua Veil Foundation NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE WO Foundation with high water content emulsified by NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE WO. Download(120 KB)
Flawless Skin Foundation SILVER VINE EXTRACT BG30 This light-feel foundation combines full SPF protection & concealing effect for that flawless finish ideal when you are just working at home or running daily errands. Contains a potent blend of zinc complex + botanical extracts to fight multiple forms of skin stress. Download(497 KB)
Gel Foundation NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE LH A gel foundation with a plump texture. It gives a fresh and watery finish. Download(492 KB)
LC Serum Foundation NIKKOL NIKKOMULESE LC & DIPOTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZINATE O/W cream foundation with skin care benefits – long lasting moisture retention and anti-inflammatory properties. Download(444 KB)
Liquid Foundation NIKKOL NIKKOLIPID 81S A cream foundation with skincare effects (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle). The finish is glossy and healthy looking. Download(505 KB)
Mineral Foundation LDR-CA This powder foundation prevents sebum glare as NIKKOL POWDER SUGARSQUALANE 03 added. Download(240 KB)

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