Fight Wrinkles

The causes of wrinkles are classified into two types: epidermal wrinkles caused by dryness of epidermis and other factors, and deep wrinkles that reach the dermis caused by photoaging.

We propose 4 formulas with wrinkle improvement and hydration effects to fight with the 2 types of wrinkles.

Fight Wrinkles

Watery Matte Gel

To conceal wrinkles

This watery gel conceals wrinkles immediately with soft focus effect. Provides skin with freshness, smooth and silky finish.

Key Ingredients


INCI Name: Sodium Acrylates Crosspolymer-2

[Thickener, Texture Modifier]
A water-absorbent spherical powder that holds about 24 times as much water. Soft-focus effect by the thick makeup film which effectively blur fine lines and pores.

Pure Gel Lotion

For epidermal dry wrinkles

This lotion deals with epidermal dry wrinkles.
NIKKOL PUREPHOS® α creates α gel structure which is the key point for moisturizing skin. Light texture but firmly moisture.

Key Ingredients


INCI Name: Cetyl Phosphate

Effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles by forming the α gel structure which is a solid membrane on the skin surface. It retains a lot of water in its structure, so it can be both richly moisturized and light-feeling.

Sleep Recovery
Vitamin Balm

For deep wrinkles

This nourishing balm deals with deep wrinkles.
Contains Vitamin A derivative to repair general skin aging & pigmentation issues during sleep time.

Key Ingredients


INCI Name: Squalane, Retinyl Linoleate

[Beauty Active]
Ester of Vitamin A and Linoleic Acid with both anti-aging and brightening effects. Improves fine lines and the stability of retinol. Enhances collagen synthesis in dermis and retinol.

Illumination Foundation

For deep wrinkles

This foundation deals with deep wrinkles.
Skincare-infused makeup that intensely hydrates the skin
all day. Healthy glow look with featherweight texture.

Key Ingredients


INCI Name: Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Butylene Glycol, Water

[Beauty Active]
Stemmed from lemon balm, LEMON BALM EXTRACT RA promotes Endo180 which is the key to advance collagen remodeling.
Improves wrinkles effectively.