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  • Product Name:NIKKOL CMT-30
  • INCI Name:Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Water

Ingredient for Cleansing and Shampoo

This extremely mild surfactant helps to cleanse skin without removing the skin lipids, which are an essential part of skin barrier. It has good foaming ability and is stable in low pH conditions.

CMT-30 makes it possible to make low viscosity (fluid) and clear (transparent) shampoo or cleansing formulations, while competing products tend to make formula viscous and opaque.

  • Provides stable and fine foam
  • Does not remove essential lipids from skin while cleansing
  • Reduces hair cuticle stripping and dandruff

Stable and Good Foaming Ability

CMT-30 cleanses skin without removing skin lipid barrier.

Reduction of Hair Cuticle Stripping

Comparing to other anionic surfactants, NIKKOL CMT-30 shows little to no stripping of cuticle layers.

NIKKOL CMT-30 shows less penetration to the cuticle layers compared to other anionic surfactants.

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